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Donald M. Schiewer, Jr.

Don has been working in ministry for nearly his entire life, having first grown up as a preacher’s kid and eventually returning to ministry after many adventures, including managing a sports store, coaching college volleyball, and owning a successful restaurant. Since 2001, Don has dedicated himself to the study and teaching of scripture, focusing on discipleship and its attendant activities. In addition, Don has served his local community in a number of ways, including founding the nonprofit Food For Thought in Toledo, Ohio and serving on the board of several other nonprofit organizations. Don continues to donate his time to several nonprofit organizations and help nonprofit and church leaders grow.

Though he would never willingly tell you this himself, Don has won awards for his volunteer commitment. He was the recipient of the Servant Leadership Center’s “Justice Minister” Award in 2009, as well as the Dave and Beth Chilcoat Award in Church Outreach. In addition, under his leadership Food For Thought Toledo won an Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce Prism award, thanks in large part to his servant’s heart. (Though, we’re also convinced that his awesome goatee helps.)

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Tana M. Schiewer
Office Manager

Tana has worked with nonprofits for nearly 15 years and has served in ministry for over 20. After graduating from college with a degree in Music Composition, Tana started her nonprofit career in the development department of the Toledo Symphony, learning how to run an annual fund, produce fundraising events, and write grant proposals. Using this knowledge, Tana then served as Executive Director first for a small anti-drug coalition, then for Food For Thought in Toledo, Ohio. Recently, Tana completed her PhD in rhetoric and writing at Virginia Tech, and she is currently the CEO of Schiewer Consulting, LLC. She still does pro bono work for nonprofits when she can, offering individual volunteer time as well as occasional workshops on nonprofit communications.

For Dust, Tana is a Jill-of-All-Trades, filling in when and where she is needed. She is primarily responsible for the church finances, fundraising, and web copy. For her, the beauty of Dust has been the opportunity to learn from other perspectives and to have a greater understanding of her own faith. 

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